After the Accident

I do not promote or endorse such behavior, but it is part of Anna's history.

Devin hadn’t been on the bridge that night, but he knew what had happened. Jack had called him when he and Anna got home and he’d rushed over to Jack’s house.


Anna was lying on the couch, her stage makeup smudged from tears. But she wasn’t crying as she lay there; she just stared at the wall across the room. She didn’t acknowledge his hand on her leg as he sat next to her but allowed him to take her in his arms and hold her and kiss her and tell her everything would be alright. She lay in his arms like a limp ragdoll, head on his shoulder, staring into space.

“She hasn’t said anything since we got back in the car,” Jack said softly as he sat next to them.

“She’s in shock,” Devin acknowledged.

Jack nodded in agreement and thrust his fingers through his hair in agitation. “Do you think she can hear us?”

Devin cupped Anna’s chin in his hands and lifted her face to look her in the eyes. They momentarily focused on his and then returned to the blank stare. “Anna?” She didn’t move. Didn’t acknowledge his words. “I don’t think so.”

“Did we do the right thing?” Jack asked hesitantly.



After the funeral, Jack, Devin and Anna went back to Jack’s house. Jack was Anna’s guardian now and he had moved her things into his house the day before. Devin sat in the corner of the sectional and held Anna in his lap. He stroked her hair and spoke soft words of encouragement in her ear. She didn’t say anything. She’d barely spoken in the week since the accident. Jack and Devin were concerned, but not overly. She’d be ok. Devin began to stroke her cheek with the backs of his fingers and slowly worked his way down her neck to her  arms and then her legs. When he ran his fingers up her bare inner thigh, she trembled and shifted uncomfortably.

“Uncle Devin, I don’t think you should do that,” Anna said hoarsely, pushing his hand down to her knee.

“Why not?” Devin asked innocently. “I’ve touched your leg before. And you liked it.” He had, many times. He’d touched her everywhere so she would be used to his touch when the time came. He smiled gently and kissed her cheek. “You have such soft skin, I like to touch it.”

Anna gave him a sad smile and rested her head on his shoulder. “I do like it. It feels good. When you touch me it always feels good. But I don’t think I should feel good today.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m sad.”

“What if I told you I could make you feel better?”

She brought her head up looked up at him, surprised. “How? I miss Mommy and Daddy so much it hurts in my chest.” She pressed her hand hard to her heart, as if she could push away the pain.

Momentarily, Devin wished he could really take away her pain. She was so sweet, she didn’t deserve this. But he had to follow his plan. Devin put his hand over hers and glanced at Jack, who was sitting next to them on the couch. He nodded.

“Do you trust me, Anna? Do you trust your Uncles?”

“Of course I do, Uncle Devin. I love you both. I’m so glad I still have you here with me.” Her eyes began to well up with unshed tears and she buried her face in his shoulder again. She wasn’t much of a crier, which pleased Devin. Occasional tears were ok, but over-emotional females irked him.

Devin hugged her into his body and stroked her hair. “Then let Uncle Jack and I help you feel better,” he said softly. He brought his hand back to her knee and slowly ran his fingers up her inner thigh and under her skirt. Jack, who was sitting at Anna’s back, brushed her hair away and kissed her softly on the side of her neck and stroked her collarbone with his fingers.

“Oh!” Anna gasped softly. Devin wasn’t sure if it was from Jack’s lips on her neck or his own fingers reaching her cotton panties. She unconsciously moved her legs apart, allowing him to gently run his fingers up and down her panty-covered sex. His heart began to beat faster as he anticipated what would happen in the next few hours. Though she didn’t remember it, he’d touched her like this before, before she could talk.

Yes, thought Devin, we start them young. It always goes better that way.

Anna leaned back into Jack’s embrace and bent her knee, allowing Devin’s fingers to slip under her panties. Anna moaned softly as Devin stroked the sensitive outer labia and Jack kissed her neck and ear.

“Will you let us make you feel better, Anna?” Devin whispered softly in her ear, knowing full well the answer before he asked.

Innocent and trusting, Anna replied with a soft “yes” and leaned back into Jack’s lap. Devin shifted and reached up to remove her panties. He pulled them down and off her legs, tossing them on the floor next to him. Then he knelt on the ground in front of her and spread her legs apart, pushing her skirt above her hips. He licked his lips as he remembered the sweet nectar that awaited his tongue. This time she would remember it.

With a glance and a smile at Jack as he held her upper body, he leaned forward and tasted her sweetness for the first time in almost seven years. He sighed as he moved his tongue in between the folds of skin and she gasped. It didn’t take her long to reach climax under his expert tongue and she arched her back and let a cry out that stirred his cock more than he’d expected it to. Four years! Could he wait that long? He had no choice. By that time he would know her body better than she knew it. He and Jack would know just what to do to make her into the tool that would enable him to accomplish his ultimate objective.  .

Devin nuzzled her as she returned to earth and smiled to himself as another part of his plan was set in motion.