Anna's Training

I do not promote or endorse such behavior, but it is part of Anna's history.
Age 12

Uncle Jack took Anna home that afternoon. He parked his black sports car in the garage, then took her, not to her room, but to the downstairs torture chamber that would be her room for the next six years. His cock was throbbing as he dragged her through the door and pushed her forward.

Her eyes were wide as she looked around. She'd lived with him for four years, but had never been down here. Only in the hallway outside the door that would allow her into the area of the garage where he kept his car parked. He enjoyed that her face was a little pale as she studied the room.

So many toys of torment, so much time.  Damn her having to go to school in the fall.

But that couldn't be helped. She needed to be educated and pulling her from school would raise too many flags, even with all the influence that Devin had. Besides, she didn't need to be completely isolated from society. Just enough to keep society from influencing her.

Fortunately, there were several months before school began again. Several months to destroy her beautiful young body without others seeing the bruises. Devin said he could do whatever he wanted to her... that she would heal quickly. Devin wanted her perfectly submissive. A perfect slave. The most perfect slave Jack would ever turned out.

"On the bed on your hands and knees, Anna."

Anna complied and Jack dropped his pants as he climbed onto the bed next to her. He'd been waiting so long for this. Yes, Devin got to pop her cherry. But Jack got to rip open her ass for the first time. He opened the bottle of lube he was holding and spread some on his cock. This was for his pleasure. It was already going to be painfully tight. He didn't need the added friction of dry skin irritating him.

He knelt behind his niece and grasped her hips, positioning her just right. He heard her whimper. "Oh, baby. You have no idea how bad this is going to hurt." He whispered, delighting in her shiver. He positioned his cock at her tiny rosebud of muscle and grasped her hips tight. She jumped at the feeling. He knew she would fight hard but his cock would be in her ass very soon and it twitched in anticipation.

He took an energizing breath then rammed himself into the tight hole in one hard thrust. As expected, Anna screamed and clawed at the bed to get away, but he held her hips tightly. He was certain she'd have bruises later. She was a strong little thing. She wiggled her hip and struggled to get away. He laughed at her crying and struggles.

He grabbed her hair and she almost got away. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. He forced her body down onto the bed and rammed himself back in. He lay on top of her, his full weight holding her down until she stopped struggling.

When she was still he started moving. She whimpered but didn't struggle to get away. He fucked her hard and came hard inside her. She was sobbing by the time he was done. He pulled out and admired his handiwork. Her hole was gaping and torn. Blood trickled down from the sides into her cunt.

He got up and pulled his pants back on. She didn’t move. He retrieved a leather collar from the closet and locked it around her neck before attaching it to a chain. He pulled her to her feet and led her to a cage in the corner.

"Home sweet home, baby."

He locked the cage after she was inside and watched her as she curled up in a ball and sobbed.

Satisfied, he turned and walked up the stairs to call his friends. Anna would have her first gang-rape tonight and he would just have to sit back and enjoy it.

Age 13

"I can't fucking do it, Devin. She's fucking immune to the mind tricks I play. I can only fuck with her head so much."

Jack was raging mad. He'd never failed so badly with a girl before. No matter how much abuse he heaped on his niece, her sweetness and innocence wouldn't budge. Her skin wouldn't toughen up.

"Jack, it's only been a year. I told you it would be difficult with her." Devin watched his friend with an amused expression. Jack just needed to vent. If anyone could break Anna, it would be him. He had full confidence in the man. And if he couldn't, there was always a backup plan. It was just very controversial and would not be well received by his brothers. But what did he care? Nothing he had planned would be well received by his brothers. At least at first. They'd realize eventually he meant what he said.

"Usually by now, they're well on their way to being broken. Why not her?" Jack ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. This was by far the most difficult task he'd taken on. Not that he wasn't enjoying it. He loved fucking his niece and watching his friends do the same. He loved the sight of her back with the bloodied stripes. He loved watching her tied up with her legs spread apart, pussy so swollen and wet and bright red from fucking and beating.

"Jack, this is your favorite part. Relish the fact that you get to keep torturing her just for the fun of it. No lessons. Just pain."

That caught Jack's attention. He hadn't thought about it that way. God, he loved making her cry. It was so fucking easy, too. His temper eased at the thought.

"If she's not broken by the end of the year, then we'll begin training where she is," Devin reassured his friend. "She may be as broken as she's going to get, but we'll reevaluate it at her next birthday. She'll learn quicker than your other girls, so we have time."


Age 14
Ep. 1

"Open." Jack commanded.

Anna opened her mouth slightly. Jack shoved his fingers into her mouth. "That's not open. This is open." He spread his fingers until her mouth was opened so wide tears came to her eyes. "Close. Open. Close. Open. Good girl." Jack said and Anna obeyed. Training had finally begun. Devin had been right. He'd enjoyed the extra time abusing his niece, but now was the time to start training.

"Up on your knees." Anna sat up on her knees on the hard cement floor. "Open." She obeyed. Jack reached for the crop and put it sideways in her mouth. "Close." He unzipped his pants and stroked his cock while looking at his naked niece kneeling in front of him. He yanked the crop out of her mouth and smacked her across the face with it. She cried out and brought her hand to her cheek.

"Did I say you could move?" he shouted. She jumped and dropped her hand, tears welling up in her eyes and staring at his feet. "Fuck. You are the worst slave I've ever had to train."  He'd been at this for a week. She brought her hand up to her cheek every time and frankly, he was tired of it. He grabbed her and dragged her to her feet.

"No, Master. Please, don't," she whimpered as he dragged her to the archway where he whipped her.

"Bad girls get punished," he reminded her.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as he cuffed her to the archway.  "Please, Uncle Jack…" she begged.

He slapped her across the face. "Don't you dare call me that." Her tears irritated him because they made him doubt himself. He never had that problem with any of his other girls.

He went across the room and pulled out his favorite cat-o-nine-tails. She whimpered when she saw it. "You were doing so well today, Anna. And you had to go and ruin the evening." He cracked the whip in the air a few times. She jumped at the sound.

He whipped her until she passed out then released the cuffs and left her where she dropped.


Ep. 2

The next morning Jack walked down the stairs and Anna was nowhere in sight. If she ran away I will find her and personally…

He saw her feet behind the bed and walked over to her, ready to cuff her up to the archway again. What he saw utterly shocked him. Her wrists were bloody and there was a knife lying next to her. She must have been desperate to dare crawl upstairs to get a kitchen knife.

"Fuck," he said as he turned her onto her back. Devin would kill him if anything happened to her. "Anna!" he shouted. She jumped at his voice and opened her eyes. Well, she's alive. He grabbed her wrist and studied it. She had indeed slit the artery in her left wrist, but it had already begun to heal. "What the…?"

Jack walked to the bathroom and got a washcloth and returned to Anna. He put the washcloth on her wrist and put pressure on the wound, then pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Devin.

"We have a problem," Jack said when Devin answered.

"What now, Jack? I'm just about to go into a meeting." Devin sounded irritated.

"Anna tried to slit her wrists."

Devin was silent for a minute. "Is she still alive?"

"Yeah. It's healing already."

He heard Devin sigh. "Good. Alright, I'm going to take care of this once and for all. Take her to the Manor. Ian will be there. You can pick her up in a few days."

"Devin, I…" Jack was concerned. He didn't want Devin to blame him for this.

"I know, Jack. It's alright. She's not your normal girl. I'm rather impressed she tried." Devin chuckled. "It’s not your fault Jack. Don't worry about it."

Jack hung up a few minutes later and wrapped Anna in a blanket and put her in his car. Anna opened her eyes as he put her in the car. He laughed. "Devin's pissed. You're going to the Manor for a few days."

Her eyes widened a bit. She hadn't been there since her twelfth birthday.

Jack drove her out to the Manor. Ian met him at the door. Anna was awake as Jack carried her inside. Ian gave her a wicked smile and she paled. She'd been around enough men to know the difference between types of smiles.

"Where does Devin want her?" Jack asked as he walked up the steps.

"The doctor first, then the dungeon," Ian answered. "I'll take her."

Jack handed Anna to Ian. "See you in a few days," Jack laughed.



Anna was an enigma to Devin. She'd been with Jack for over two years and her body was as sensitive as it had been the first time he fucked her. That was good. He didn't have to get very creative to inflict the type of pain that would burn into her memories and make sure she listened to Jack.

The first day Devin had taken her to an apartment in the middle of the city, attached her collar to a post in the middle of the room and let leak to the underbelly of the city that there was a very pretty fourteen-year old that needed to be taught a lesson. He left the door unlocked and left her alone. When he returned the next afternoon, she'd been beaten quite a few times. Her pussy and ass were bleeding from whatever his contacts had decided to do to her. Her jaw was even dislocated.

He stood over her with his hands on his hips. She looked up at him bleary eyed. "Ready to leave, Anna?"

She nodded and tried to stand but her legs wouldn't support her. Devin motioned to Ian, who was standing nearby, to get her. Ian wrapped her in a blanket and picked her up. He followed Devin out of the apartment. Devin let her sleep on the way back to the manor. She needed some rest, so she could be alert for the rest of the time he had with her.

Dr. Ansen took a look at her when they returned to the Manor. He cracked her jaw back into place and Anna screamed in pain. Other than that it wasn't anything that she wouldn't heal on her own. Devin took her down to the dungeon and put her in the cage for a few hours rest.

When Devin returned that evening he chained her between the walls using cuffs with spikes on the inside so he could whip and cane her entire body. He body was a mess of welts and bruises, some of which had begun bleeding. Her wrists and ankles were bleeding from the cuffs. Devin repeatedly hit her in the face, since that's what Jack was having problems with, but her hands were chained and she couldn't protect herself. He left her hanging there after she passed out, then Ian woke her by shoving his enormous cock in her swollen ass.  She screamed in pain. She was unchained she was allowed to sleep on the mattress in the dungeon, but Ian's cock stayed where it was. Ian made sure she didn't sleep well.

The next day her body had healed sufficiently to begin a new round of torture. Her nipples and breasts were tortured in the morning, then her pussy in the afternoon. Devin used a special cream to tighten her vaginal muscles and would also keep her awake throughout so she can't pass out. The day ended with Ian fisting her. His fist was larger than his cock and he ripped her to shreds. She slept with a glass ball inside of her that generated random jolts of low voltage electricity. Enough voltage to hurt, not enough to harm.

Devin fucked her the next morning, using his special piercing that poked sharp spikes out when he made them. He fucked her hard and she was bleeding heavily by the time he came.

That afternoon, Devin had to deal with a disobedient slave and decided Anna watching would be the final part of her punishment. He tied Anna in the corner, legs spread with a vibrator on her clit. She would orgasm as the other girl was tortured and killed.

The other girl had said "no" to one of his guests the previous weekend. Devin didn't tolerate rudeness to his guests. He normally didn't bother with the drama of torturing a slave unless he was going to leave her alive. But if he wanted to use her as an object lesson, he knew how to make it dramatic. Ian brought the slave in and spent the next several hours slowly killing the other girl in front of Anna while Anna had repeated orgasms.

Anna was silent and pale as she watched the last shudders of life ebbed from the bloodied body of the girl. Anna's body repeatedly convulsed from orgasms, but she hardly felt them as the slave, who barely looked human anymore, breathed her last. Devin and Ian had systematically removed body parts and did unimaginable things to the girl. They were both covered in splattered blood.

Devin came over and removed the vibrator and untied Anna. Then he and Ian left the room leaving Anna to spend the night with the dismembered body.

When Jack returned, four days later, Anna was the palest he'd ever seen her. Her green eyes were wide with terror and pain as she sat at Devin's knees in his study as she waited for Jack. She had obviously been bathed, but the circles under her eyes indicated she'd barely slept.

"You shouldn't have any more problems with her, Jack," Devin said as he pet her hair. He yanked her hair back. "Will he, Anna?"

"No, Master Devin," Anna replied immediately.

Jack raised his brow as he looked at her. She was definitely changed.

"If she does, bring her back and we'll repeat the last four days."

Jack took Anna home a while later and was pleased with the improvements made. He never asked Anna what Devin had done to her. But she was changed. And that's what mattered.

Age 17

"Well, aren't you a pretty little thing," the older man said as I sat down at his table. "You're Anna?"

"Yes, sir," I said quietly. The man was in his later forties with medium brown hair and eyes. I was in a restaurant in Little Russia. I came here a lot after school. Here was where Uncle Jack had me practice my training. In a back booth of a restaurant owned by one of his friends.

I saw him look down at my breasts. My nipples were hard and poking through the soft white material of my school uniform blouse. Ever since Devin had made my breasts bigger, I'd gotten more attention from men lately. Not that I ever lacked it, it was just more now that my breasts were more noticeable.

I discretely worked at one of the buttons of my blouse. It was already undone to just above my breasts. The next button brought a nice amount of cleavage. I undid two more buttons and opened my blouse to reveal the breast that was furthest away from other people. I leaned against the table and put my head on my hand to block other people from seeing me.

The man licked his lips as he stared at the firm breast and perfectly hardened pink nipple. I could feel how badly he wanted me. He would get me. Soon. He looked around. The restaurant was mostly empty. He leaned across the table and pinched my nipple. I inhaled sharply as he did it again. I could feel my body reacting to his touch and I closed my eyes.

"You like that Anna?" he asked softly.

"Yes, sir," I said breathlessly.

"Perhaps we should move somewhere a little more private?" his eyes were dilated and still staring at my breast.

I smiled and nodded. He stood and I clasped my blouse together and led him to the backroom where there was a bed and various other items that would ensure he enjoyed himself.

He closed the door behind him and I heard the click of the lock. I turned to him and smiled, unbuttoning the rest of my blouse. "Would you like me to take it off?"

He nodded. I pulled it off my shoulders and tossed it on the chair. I turned and walked back to him and knelt in front of him. I unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants, then pulled his cock out. I ran my thumbs down the bottom of his shaft and heard him moan. I took him into my mouth and began sucking and licking him as I could sense that he wanted. He held on to my hair as I did, often forcing himself deep into my mouth and down my throat. Then he pulled me off and pushed me onto the bed.

"Hands and knees, you little slut," he growled.

I did as he ordered and he flipped my plaid skirt up over my hips to reveal my ass. I arched my back and spread my legs, allowing him to see my wet pussy. He growled in approval and rubbed the outer lips and worked his fingers inside me. I gasped and sighed as he finger-fucked me.

He removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. He fucked me hard. "Make yourself come, bitch," he commanded in a loud voice. I reached back and played with my clit. The only time I was allowed to touch myself was when a man told me to. But I knew how to do it and I soon felt the building of an orgasm and cried out as I came. He shouted and cursed as he came and shot his load inside me.

He smacked my ass and pulled out. "You're a good little whore. Jack trained you good."

I stayed on my hands and knees as he zipped up his pants then threw a wad of money next to me and left the room. I would take the money and give it to Uncle Jack. I never got to keep any of it.

I went to the adjoining bathroom, cleaned myself up and went home.