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Book Formatting


Please note: For all books, I will need a copy of your cover, (full cover and ebook cover). If you have a graphic of your title art, I will need that for the title page of the paperback. (It’s not 100% necessary, but most paperbacks have those.) If you don’t have the title art and want me to re-create that graphic, there will be a charge for that (determined before work begins).


I require a deposit of half the final cost to begin work, with the remaining balance due before I send you your files. The only exception is ARCs, which payment is due before I begin work.


I will do my best to design your book according to industry standards for traditionally published books. I will advise you in this area. BUT, ultimately, this is YOUR book. Where I can make accommodations (within program limitations) I will make the book YOU want, not the book I want.


A note on turnaround times: I am a full-time author, but also a mom and wife. I do my work during the week and reserve my weekends for my family. But I also understand author life, which is why I’ve included weekend work options. There are some weekends I am not available, but if it’s an emergency, I will do my best to accommodate you. Work will not begin until I receive the deposit.

ARCs:: Need a quick formatting job for an ARC? $25 for a quick format. I can adjust your cover with an ARC notice across the image, if desired, for $5. Fee will be applied toward the purchase of any formatting package for the same book. Revisions included (of course!). No social media links will be created. Turn around 2 days. (Rushes are available for an additional fee. Rush fees do not apply to future formatting packages.)

Revisions: I will make unlimited revisions up to one month after your publication date. After that, I will charge $10 per revision set for basic revisions. Costs for more extensive revisions will be discussed before work begins. (Don’t forget, I’m an author. I understand things change.)


Ebooks: Ebook royalties are calculated in part by file size, therefore I do a standard ebook to minimize file size and maximize royalties. The program I use has standard design options which can be selected with any level. If you want a more extensive ebook (for example, if you write non-fiction or have many images) we can discuss your needs. Files provided will work for all major ebook retailers, including Kindle and Kobo.

Level One


  • Standard Ebook and simple design paperback for all book lengths.

  • No customizations, but choice of pre-made design styles.

  • I will make social media links in the back of your ebook with the information you give me.

Note: What you send me is what I format. You must make sure your chapters and section breaks are properly marked. (If you want help with this, there is a small fee.) I do not edit or adjust punctuation. You are responsible for the content of your book.



2 days

(Not including weekends)


Rush charge: +$10

(1 day or over a weekend)


Super Rush: +30

(Same Day, if you get it to me before noon, Arizona time.)

If on a weekend, +$50

All book lengths same price

Chapter/Section Break formatting charges

Under 50k - $10

Over 50k - $20

Book Now

Level Two

starting at $75

Limited Customization

  • All of Level One options, but with limited customizations of your book, including headers, section breaks, and chapter pages

  • Paperback fonts are limited to program options

  • Full-sized (or small) images can be added to your headers/chapter pages, including full-spread black and white photos on your chapter pages

  • Optional punctuation standardization

  • If you want me to find your graphics, there is an additional charge per graphic (including section break icons. Finding the perfect graphic takes time). If you provide your own, there is no additional charge.


4 days

(not including weekends)


Rush job: +$25

($35 for over 65k words)

(2 days not including weekends)

Super Rush: +$40

($60 for over 65k words)

(1 day or over a weekend)

Up to 20k words - $75

20k - < 40k words - $85

40k - < 70k words - $95

70k - < 90k words - $105

90k words - 110k words - $125

Over 100k words - email for pricing



$5 each

Book Now

Level Three

starting at $250

Full Paperback Customization

  • All options included in Level Two, but with a fully customizable paperback. You may choose every element of your paperback (fonts, section breaks, additional graphics, etc.) and the paperback will be formatted to industry standards.

  • Graphics provided include section break icon and a graphic or photo for your chapter pages. Additional graphics may incur a charge but I will tell you before I begin work if they are necessary.

Note: This is a very time-intensive process, as I go through each paperback page and make sure everything is as perfect as I can make it.


Starting at one week, depending on the length of your book. The longer the book, the longer it takes me. A full-length novel shouldn’t take me longer than two weeks. I will advise before work begins.

Up to 20k words - $250

20k - < 40k words - $300

40k - < 70k words - $350

70k - < 90k words - $400

90k words - 110k words - $450

Over 100k words - email for pricing

Additional Graphics

(one section break and

one chapter page graphic are included)

$5 each

Book Now

Full Pricing Schedule

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