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Evening with Trenton and Maki


Anna looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a short, dark-green dress that flared around her hips. Thong, garter and stockings, push-up bra and heels completed the outfit. She hoped Devin would be pleased. The clock on the vanity said it was almost six so she made her way downstairs to the living room. Looking around, she contemplated how she should present herself. Kneeling would probably be the safest course of action, but where?

She settled onto her heels by the door just as she heard male voices in the stairway. Hands on thighs, head down, she waited for the men to appear. Devin took two steps into the room and looked around. Trenton sat down on one of the couches.

“There’s my girl,” he said in a pleased tone.

Anna relaxed just a bit.

“Let me see you.”

She stood carefully and looked straight ahead as he examined her. He didn’t say anything, but walked out of the room. Anna blinked rapidly. She had displeased him. She had tried so hard, and she had displeased him. She lowered her head so Trenton wouldn’t see her eyes watering. She wanted to fidget, but was determined to stay still. Nothing else to displease her Master.

Devin returned a few minutes later and stood in front of her. “Anna,” he said softly.

She looked up cautiously and was surprised to see him smiling at her. “Did I displease you, Master?” she asked softly.

“No. Not in the least.”

He held up a silver-colored chain with a pendent. Her Elder-Mistress necklace! She looked up into his eyes in shock. “Master?”

He walked behind her. “Hold up your hair,” he said softly. She did so and he clasped the necklace around her neck and then kissed her neck at the clasp. “I am very proud of you, Baby. You deserve this back.”

She hadn’t worn this since Wilhelm had been banished. She reached up to touch it softly. “Thank you, Master,” she said and then swallowed. She had pleased him!

He turned her around and traced the circle. “My Mistress,” he said quietly and kissed her. He pulled her close and her hands slid over his shoulders.

Maki arrived a few minutes later and the two couples went into the dining room for dinner. Anna hadn’t seen the tiny Japanese woman in a very long time. She seemed genuinely pleased to see Anna and watched her throughout dinner, making Anna a little nervous. Maki wasn’t mean or cruel, but could be very demanding.

After dinner, Devin put the “Pet” collar around Anna’s neck and she sat on the floor in the living room by the couch as Devin, Maki and Trenton chatted.

Anna was surprised there were no drugs being used. Usually they partook in something on these nights. Maybe because they all had to go to work in the morning.

“Come, Pet,” Maki said, sliding lower on the couch and spreading her legs. “I want to feel your tongue.” She was sitting between Devin and Trenton and hooked her legs on theirs.

Anna crawled over and sat between her legs. Maki pulled up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy. Anna positioned herself better on the floor and leaned forward to nuzzle the woman’s pussy. She hadn’t been with a woman in a long time and hoped she pleased her.

Anna kissed Maki gently as if she were kissing her mouth. Slowly she began parting her lips with her tongue and sucking gently. Maki moaned low as Anna licked along her slit. Trenton was unbuttoning her shirt as Devin kissed her. Maki groaned again when Trenton took one of her dark nipples into his mouth. Her breasts were not large, but they were firm and high. Devin massaged the other one and their kiss deepened. Maki worked at freeing the men’s cocks. She groaned when they were free and stroked each of them.

“Undress, Anna,” Maki demanded.

Anna glanced at Devin who nodded. She stood and began removing her clothing as the others watched. Her dress came off first and Maki leaned forward quickly and kissed at her navel. Anna moaned softly as the woman’s tongue swirled around her belly ring and then began unfastening her stockings. Devin undressed Maki and Trenton stood and unclasped Anna’s bra.

“You have beautiful breasts, Anna,” Trenton murmured against her neck and caressed them, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

When the women were unclothed, they turned and undressed the men. Anna with Trenton and Maki with Devin.

Anna kissed Trenton as she unbuttoned his shirt. She pushed it off his shoulders and then trailed her fingers down his firm chest. His cock was already out of his pants and she pushed his pants and underwear down and he stepped out of them. He cupped her ass as he kissed her and pressed his hot cock against her stomach. She reached between their bodies and stroked him, rubbing the underside of the head with her thumb.

“Oh, yeah, Anna. Like that,” he murmured.

He sat down on the couch with Anna straddling his lap. Maki was between Devin’s legs on the floor, sucking his cock with loud slurps. Devin had his hands in her straight black hair, guiding himself deeper into her mouth. Anna might be the “pet” of the evening, but the men were in charge and both her and Maki did as the men wanted them to.

“Suck me, Anna,” Trenton said pushing her to the floor. She eagerly took him into her mouth and he moaned loudly. A few minutes later her knees were pushed apart and a hot mouth was sucking on her pussy.

“Oh!” Anna exclaimed and looked down to see Maki’s eyes closed and Anna’s pussy being sucked into her mouth. Anna sucked Trenton again as his wife ate her. By Maki’s movements, Anna suspected that Devin was fucking her and when Maki began moaning a short time later, her body was jerking up and down and Devin was groaning behind her.

Trenton pulled Anna’s head up and lay down on his side on the floor, pulling her in front of him. He thrust into her quickly and held her leg behind her knee to keep her pussy open. Devin and Maki took similar positions with their legs at Trenton and Anna’s heads and vice versa. Anna saw Maki’s swollen clit and leaned forward to suck on it. Maki groaned as she did that. The men scooted the women closer together and began fucking them hard. Maki sucked and licked at Trenton and Anna and Anna sucked at Devin and Maki.

The pleasurable sensations bubbled up inside Anna. “Oh, Master, please, please may I come?”

“Not until Maki does, Baby.” It was his standard rule and Anna fought the frustration inside her, instead sucking Maki harder and using her tongue. Devin pounded into her hard, holding her hip and digging his fingers into the skin.

She heard Maki curse loudly and then scream as she came. Anna wanted to come so badly, but Devin hadn’t said she could. She was so close. Trenton hit that sweet spot over and over again and moved faster and faster.

“Come, Baby,” Devin said breathlessly as his balls tucked into his body and his cock throbbed inside Maki.

Anna leaned her head back into Trenton’s neck and screamed out in pleasure. She vaguely heard and felt Trenton come as well.

As Devin softened inside Maki and slipped out, Anna leaned forward to lick his cum out of Maki’s pussy. Something inside her got possessive of Devin’s body and she didn’t want what belonged to her inside another woman’s body for long.

“Oh, fuck!” Maki exclaimed as Anna speared her tongue into her slit and lapped at the salty fluid. Maki’s hips moved as Anna sucked on her and she came again, crying out Anna’s name.

When Anna couldn’t taste Devin anymore she stopped and leaned her head against Trenton’s arm. The four of them lay like that for a while. Trenton absently played with Anna’s nipple rings and Anna closed her eyes. She felt a tug on her pussy rings and gasped at a second, almost painful tug at her hood ring.

“Why does she still have these?” Maki asked tugging again.

Anna grimaced and tried to move away, but a firm had was on her hip and Trenton was behind her.

“I don’t really have the right to take them out,” Devin mumbled, tugging at Maki’s nipple.

“You like them there?”

“I don’t really think about it anymore.”

Another tug and Anna squirmed and inhaled sharply.

“You ok, Anna?” Trenton asked softly.

Anna nodded and jumped as Maki, she assumed, pulled again. She felt a sharp pain and cried out softly.

“Maki!” Trenton snapped, sitting up on his elbow and glaring at her. “That’s enough.” He pulled Anna back and sat her up.

Devin raised his eyebrow at Trenton.

“She’s my wife. If you want Anna’s rings pulled out, then you find someone else to do it.”

“It’s ok, Trenton,” Anna said. “Really.” Anna stared at the ground. Devin could have Maki do it if he wanted her to. She didn’t want Trenton getting into trouble.

The two men exchanged multiple looks.

“I wasn’t going to let her, Trenton. Geez. Relax.” But he was frowning. Devin didn’t like being shown up and Anna wondered what he would do about it. He looked at Anna. “Anna go up to your room. Kaveh should be here soon.”

“Yes, Devin.” She scrambled to her feet and ran up the stairs. When she got to her bed, she pulled a pillow out of the covers and hugged it to her body. She didn’t know Kaveh was still coming tonight. It was still early.

Kaveh appeared a bit later. Anna gathered her energy, prepared to run. She was so tired already. He studied her for a few minutes.

“Go,” he said.

Anna ran out of the room, wondering where she should go. She figured she should stay away from the living room, which gave her only this floor to run in. There was the roof, but she probably shouldn’t go up there naked. There were the two girl’s bedrooms up her besides the Master suite. She would just have to be creative.

Kaveh chased her until she collapsed in the hallway, unable to run anymore. He grunted and picked her up and carried her over his shoulder into the bedroom. He dumped her on the bed and she looked up at him, frightened.

“You know how I like it, Daughter.”

She turned over with effort and lay on her stomach. The bed dipped below her and her body was invaded seconds later. It felt especially painful tonight and she cried and begged at the pain. Once again, Kaveh didn’t give her the orgasm that made the pain go away and left as soon as he was done.

Anna knew she needed to get up and get into the other bedroom, but had so little energy. But Devin would be angry if she wasn’t there. She rolled onto the floor and pulled herself into a standing position. Slowly, holding onto the wall, she made her way across the room and into Devin’s bedroom. She fell to her knees by the bed and slumped over, waiting for him to come up.

She just barely heard his footsteps in the hall and sat up as he walked into the room.

“Go to the table, Anna.”

She did as he told her, though without as much enthusiasm as the night before. She was so tired.

He cuffed her and chained her and sat down and ate her until she hung limply from the ceiling, eyes closed and barely breathing. The next thing she knew, her head was on Kaveh’s thigh and Devin was opening her mouth for Kaveh’s cock. She swallowed what was given to her, though Kaveh was surprisingly gentle when he came, and was asleep minutes later.


“Turn over, Anna.”

Anna turned over onto her stomach, still half asleep. She had been sleeping hard, but woke at Devin’s voice. He stretched out on top of her and pressed his cock inside her.

Anna moaned softly as he moved inside her. He held her hands above her head and his body was heavy above her.

“You were a naughty girl last night, Anna,” he murmured in her ear.

Anna’s eyes snapped open and she was wide awake. What had she done? “I’m sorry Master,” she whimpered.

He thrust in deeply and Anna stiffened and cried out as she felt the pinch inside her body. Devin had extended his spikes. She kept her breathing shallow and froze. He didn’t move either.

He sucked on her neck, but kept still. “Do I belong to you, or do you belong to me?”

“I belong to you, Master.”

“I know what you were doing when you made Maki come last night. After we’d finished fucking.”

Anna held her breath.

“I do not belong to you, Anna. I can stick my cock in whatever woman I damn well please. I can come inside of any fucking woman I want. Do you understand?” His voice was soft but insistent.

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered.

“You took what didn’t belong to you, Anna. That’s a very bad girl.” He moved a fraction of an inch and Anna cried out in pain. “You were aggressive when I hadn’t told you to be.” He moved again and tears began running down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Master! I’m sorry!”

Devin retracted his spikes. “I don’t want to punish you, Anna,” he said quietly. “I want things to be good between us.” He began moving slowly which felt good, except for the cuts that he rubbed against. “Give me your pain, Anna.”

Anna closed her eyes and concentrated. He rubbed the sore area and she cried.

His movements increased. “Give it to me, Anna!” he demanded.

She tried. She tried so hard, but it wouldn’t work. She arched her back and screamed in pain and frustration.

“Give it to me!” Devin yelled, pushing up away from her and pressing her wrists down deeper into the mattress and bruising them as he squeezed. He thrust hard over and over again. Anna’s body jerked with his movements. Finally she felt something tingle within the pain and the next moment her mind and body exploded into tiny shards. She screamed in painful ecstasy as Devin drove himself deeper and deeper inside her. He gave a last hard thrust and screamed out above her.

Anna panted as she lay with her face buried in the sheets below her. Devin had collapsed on top of her and his body was heavy and made it hard to breath. He didn’t move and she wondered for a second if he was alive. But he groaned and rolled to his side.

He looked at her and brushed her hair back away from her face. She turned to look at him, her face still wet from tears. “I’m sorry, Master,” she whispered with a frightened look on her face.

Devin pulled her close. “You took your punishment well, Baby. All is forgiven.”

She rested her head on his chest and wanted to go back to sleep, but knew she had to get up and get to the studio. “I’ll do better next time, Master. I promise.”

“I know, Baby. I know.”

Anna didn’t notice the bruises until she got into the car. Her pussy hurt too. She wasn’t bleeding but the cuts Devin had given her hadn’t healed yet. Stupid, stupid girl! She always ended up doing something wrong and making Devin punish her. No matter her resolve, she always failed.

Well, there wasn’t anything she could do about the hurting except get lost in her dancing. Pain never bothered her when she danced.

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