Finding Sabrina

Master of My Body

Finding Sabrina, Part One
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Two thousand years ago, a great evil was banished from the human realm. Vamar Thilduri would never again be able to possess such great and unearthly power.


Or so it was thought...


After years of preparation, Vamar has returned and his plans are progressing as expected. His tool of choice? A girl who will be the most powerful being in the world.


Sabrina Mansfield has no idea who or what she is. She only knows her life-long dream is to become a professional ballerina. Attending a summer dance camp in Boston is the first of many steps along that path. But everything changes the moment she meets the gaze of a handsome soldier across the stage.


Christopher “Chase” Ralston, a recent graduate of West Point Military Academy, expected to spend his short summer leave visiting with family and friends. Love is the last thing on his mind, but a glimpse of a young woman has him questioning his desire to remain single.


The bond between them is unexpected, and becoming more seems inevitable—until Sabrina returns home to find her world torn apart.


Monsters are real.

Nightmares come true.

And love is nothing more than a dream.


Expect the unexpected.

As soon as you think you know, you have no idea.

Triggers are possible.

Evil is among us, and there's no telling how far it will take you to get what it wants.

Master of My Heart

Finding Sabrina, Part Two
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When life goes wrong, can it ever be made right?


Five years ago, Sabrina left Boston anticipating her short stay back home to be full of joy and hope. Instead, she became the leading role in her own living hell. Nothing more than a shadow of her former self, she escapes a malevolence determined to break her, and returns to Boston, trying to regain a semblance of the girl she once was.


The girl without nightmares.

The girl without shame and fear.


Five years ago, Chase lost his heart and has compared every woman he encounters to the green-eyed beauty he met on the yacht. His life didn’t turn out quite the way he expected, but he has grown stronger through his trials. Now, a marriage deadline is looming and the woman he wants seems to be a ghost trapped in his past.


Fate brought them together. Evil tore them apart.


Can Chase lead Sabrina into the light before she’s lost to the darkness forever?


Please note this is Part Two of a series. It must be read in order, or nothing will make any sense.

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