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Writer’s Block

I’ve developed a bad case of writer’s block in trying to tell Devin’s story. I’ve written quite a bit, and I know where I’m going, but my inspiration is gone. I feel like I’m missing something crucial. Not in the story, but in the way his story is coming out on paper… or pixels, as the case may be.

Let me tell you, it’s very frustrating, because there is a story in there. He’s shared it with me. I know y’all are dying to find out how he turned into the person he grew up to be and I’m dying to share it with you. In fact, I know what happened and have even written it down! (Can I just tell you it involves him getting it in the end… at the beginning? mwahahaha)

But something is missing. Maybe you can help me out?

If you could ask Devin a question or two, what would it be? What about Anya (Anna’s mother-yes, she’s in this book!)? Trevor (yes-he’s here too!)? What about Tom?

Help me dig into their minds! I’m having a hard time doing so!

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