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Sex with Kaveh


Anna walked quickly upstairs to shower, incredible relief in her heart. She didn’t know what she would do if Devin had killed Wilhelm. She wouldn’t have handled it well. Anna would do everything in her power to show how grateful she was to Devin.

She wanted to call Wilhelm, but it was late and she didn’t think Devin would approve. Maybe tomorrow before she went into the studio.

She took a deep breath as she reflected on her day. Isaak had selected Justin to dance with her. Anna had been hoping that it would be Travis. He knew her and understood her. If she was having a bad day, he knew how to deal with her. Justin didn’t know anything about her.

But maybe that was a good thing. He was an excellent dancer and she liked dancing with him. He was very nice and considerate, not to mention handsome. But she didn’t need to think about that. He stayed professional with her, but friendly. She was actually a little confused about that. She didn’t know what to do with men who didn’t want her. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had been around a man who didn’t want something from her.

She had watched him carefully as he danced. Was he gay? But no, she’d seen him with women the few times she’d gone to the clubs with Peter.

Anna came back to the present and finished her shower. Would Kaveh be waiting for her? Would he let her orgasm? Would Devin let him let her orgasm? She needed one so badly, but she wanted to please Devin. What if he changed his mind about not killing Wilhelm because of her? She couldn't bear the thought.

She dried herself off and braided her hair and went out into the bedroom with her robe on. Kaveh was sitting on the bed, naked, and stroking his massive cock absently. He smiled when he saw her.

She smiled nervously back. “I-I’m ready to play, Kaveh,” she said softly.

“Good,” he grinned. “Robe off.” She slipped it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. “Go.”

Anna skidded out of the room, determined to let him enjoy himself. He seemed to like seeking out her hiding places and ran downstairs to a small room off the entry way and hid in the closet. She didn’t hear him for a while and her heart pounded in her chest as she waited. She waited for a long time and was about to sneak out when she heard his heavy footsteps in the entryway. He stepped heavily on purpose. She knew he could walk silently if he wanted to. He did sometimes.

A thrill went through her body as he stepped into the room. She crouched down, ready to sprint out between his legs. There was no way she could get around him. He opened the door and she dove between his legs and scrambled around the corner, listening to him laugh. It wasn’t such a bad laugh, she thought as she ran into the dining room. And he did make her feel incredible sometimes. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing. She didn’t hear anything and then sensed him near her. She turned and screamed as he lunged for her, just barely escaping.

She pressed her lips together to keep from smiling as she ran upstairs and into another room. Why was she enjoying herself? It didn’t seem right, but the thrill of outrunning him somehow aroused her and made her nipples hard. He chased her for a while, until he finally caught her for real as she was diving between his legs to escape from the upstairs bathroom.

He pulled her back against his chest and slid his hand down her hip and between her legs. Her chest heaved, trying to catch her breath and she clung to the arm that crossed her chest. He circled her clit and she moaned softly.

“I think you might be liking this, Daughter.” He pressed his finger inside her pussy and she moaned louder. “Do you?”

“Yes,” she panted as he thrust his finger in and out of her.

“Hmmm,” he said, biting her neck hard enough to draw blood.

She shivered as he licked the wound and dragged his tongue up her neck. He moved his finger back to her ass. “How would you like it if I ripped into your ass tonight?”

Anna shuddered. “If it would please you,” she said in a shaky voice. She hoped he wouldn’t, but she would do anything at this point to keep them happy.

He pressed his cock against her back. “I don't think Devin would like to suck my cum from your ass.” He picked her up and hung her over his shoulder and carried her into her bedroom. “On your knees.”

Anna moved to her hands and feet with her back to him. She trembled in excitement and spread her knees apart and arched her back in anticipation.

“You are very wet, Daughter,” he said as he knelt behind her and dragged a finger between her wet folds of skin.

“Yes,” she whispered, hanging her head.

He pushed her lower body to the bed and took hold of her hips. His hot cock pressed against her and pushed inside. She gasped in pain. He had made himself bigger. Wider. He stretched her to the limit and she whimpered, but tried not to cry out.

“Oh, Daughter. Do I have to make myself larger to hear you scream?”

She took shallow breaths and shook her head. “No,” she panted. “It hurts. I didn’t know if you wanted me to make noise.” She groaned and tried to pull away, but he held her still.

“I like the struggle. The fight. If you fight me well, I will reward you.”

She fought to get away. It really did hurt and she cried out as he pushed forward. She clawed at the bedcovers and screamed as he tore her open. “No!” she sobbed. Devin would hurt her later. She didn’t want to be torn.

His fingers dug into her hips as she pulled against him. “God, no!” she groaned as he pressed deeper and deeper. Through the tiny opening of her cervix and into her womb he pushed. She was screaming and sobbing in real pain now. Tears ran down her cheeks and she pulled at his fingers. He thrust forward and pushed her into the mattress. She cried as he pummeled her mercilessly. Well, he got his wish, she thought. She was screaming in pain and not doing it for his pleasure, but to beg for him to let her go.

“Feel it, feel it Daughter. Feel the pain turn to pleasure.”

“No!” she cried out once more and then, somehow, the pain magically turned into pleasure at his words. She didn’t understand, but was grateful. He pounded against her and she clung to the bedcovers, crying out in immense pleasure. “Oh, God, yes!” she screamed as the pressure built and then exploded. Kaveh pushed her down flat on the mattress and rammed himself deep inside as they both screamed out their climax.

They lay together for a while and then he rolled off. “You did well, daughter. I am pleased.” He pushed her up onto her knees and traced the tear with his finger, healing it. Then he stood. “I will see you when Devin is done with you.” And he disappeared.

She lay there for a moment more and then quickly stumbled into Devin’s bedroom. He was there, lying on the bed. She moved to the foot of the bed and knelt down as he had instructed.

“You sounded as if you two were enjoying yourselves,” Devin commented as he stood and walked around the bed.

Was he displeased? “Yes, Master. Kaveh said I pleased him and wanted to reward me.” After a pause, she added. “Please forgive me if I upset you, Master.”

He didn’t respond, but unzipped his jeans and pulled her up by her hair to take him into her mouth. She eagerly sucked him, giving him the best blow job she could. She wanted desperately to please him as she had pleased Kaveh. His groan was the only sound he made as he came into her mouth and then led her to the table. She got up on the table without him having to tell her and put herself in the position as best she remembered it.

He cuffed and chained her and sat down and began licking. She was quiet and still, not complaining when he teased her clit and backed away, even though her clit was incredibly sensitive. Little gasps escaped her when he sucked on it, but she gritted her teeth, determined to stay still. He bit at her and she grunted softly, but didn’t cry out.

“Good girl,” he murmured and warmth from his praise flooded her body. “Come for me, Baby,” he said in a soft voice and then sucked hard on her clit.

Amazed that he would let her come, she didn’t react right away but quickly recovered and began moaning as she let herself enjoy his mouth. Quickly she felt herself at the peak of pleasure and screamed out her pleasure as he sucked and lapped at her. He dragged her orgasm out for a very long time, and when she was finally eased down from the waves, her head lolled back and she hung limply from her cuffs. He had emptied her once again, and she had nothing left to offer him.

He uncuffed her and carried her to the bed where he fucked her limp body once more. He curled up behind her and told her again what a good girl she was. She attempted a smile, but it came out as more of a grimace.

Kaveh came a little while later and she eagerly sucked at his cock, desperate for life again. When he had given her everything he could, he told her to sleep and she fell asleep listening to the two male voices.

New Plans

“She is eager to please,” Kaveh commented as he looked at the sleeping woman between them.

“That was unexpected,” Devin agreed. “But pleasant.” He stroked Anna’s soft skin that glowed faintly in the low lighting. “I’m glad I listened to you.”

“We are here for guidance. I only want to help you succeed.” He glanced back at Anna. “She is most satisfactory.”

“Mmm. She is.” He looked at Kaveh. “Worth the shit I put you through?”

“Yes. I haven’t fucked a half-Immortal in centuries. It is very pleasing. Human women are weak. She is very strong.”

“As I found out the other day. I will be careful from pushing her from now on.”

“You must treat them carefully. I tried to warn you.”

“You did. I didn’t think she had anything left to lose.”

“Perhaps you should make her the willing sacrifice? I think if you treat her right and train her properly, she would willingly give you her child.”

Devin narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “You think so?”

“You have to get her to care for you. I think it will be difficult for you, but the results would be worth it. Kill off one of the younger girls for the unwilling.” Kaveh grinned. “Or kidnap someone. That would get a fight for sure. Your girls are too well trained to put up much of a fight.”

Devin was quiet while he contemplated the Immortal’s words. He had pretended to be loving to her before. It really wasn’t that hard. She was easy to please. He chuckled to himself. Wouldn’t it just kill Wilhelm if he saw her in love with him? Wilhelm would shit bricks.

“It would also help with the bonding ceremony. Her bond with you needs to be very strong in order for it to work.”

“That’s still years away.”

“True, but bonds are not easily formed and broken. Her heart is still tied to Alex.”

Devin frowned. Damn Alex!

“But when that is done, you will be able to treat her as you’d like.”

The thought had merit. He needed to think about it more. Anna had proven more difficult than he’d expected. What made her so strong was her capacity for emotion. What was so difficult to handle was her capacity for emotion. She was as bad as other women, with the years of abuse tied to the top. But the abuse made her vulnerable. A wound that would never heal. She was desperate for love and would do anything for it. He had tried to push that emotional capacity onto others because it annoyed Devin. But she was enough under his control, and feared him sufficiently. He could make her think he loved her without her demanding much. A few acts of kindness here and there and she would do anything for him, as demonstrated tonight.

He needed to think about this more.

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