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I'm Back!

Okay, so I've been back for a while, but life has been crazy (an understatement) and I've only now just had a moment to sit down and write a post for those of you who follow my blog. If you follow me on social media, or receive my newsletter, this information is much the same. But I wanted to be sure to post it anyway.


I made a few announcements and wanted to share them here. I hope you find them as exciting as I do.

Book Box!

Coming in 2024

I'm going to be participating in a Book Box for the very first time in ten years of writing. I'm super excited to share all the information with you...When I'm allowed to.

Which book??? I can't tell you that.

When?? Can't tell you that either, but keep an eye out for the big announcement!


New Covers Coming Soon

My brilliant cover designer, Laura, is working on some amazing new covers for the Finding Sabrina series. While I love the originals, these new ones will make it more obvious that this series is linked the the world of The Brotherhood and The Life of Anna.

Have you read the series? What did you think? I don't get a lot of feedback on these books, so let me know on social media or via email.


The Big Announcement!

The Life of Anna Ten-Year Anniversary Edition

For those of you who don't know, September 6, 2024 is the ten-year anniversary of the publication of Enslaved, the first part of The Life of Anna. I originally wrote the story as one long book, but because I was a baby author and money was tight, I broke the story into five books.

I've been hard at work over the last few months editing, rewriting, and adding new scenes to everybody's favorite OG dark romance book.

My original goal was to restore it's original format and fit it into a single paperback, but I have not managed to eliminate enough words (I've added quite a few), so it'll be TWO BOOKS with brand-new, beautiful covers designed by Laura Hidalgo, my amazing cover artist, and beautiful inside formatting (at least for the paperbacks. I keep ebooks pretty simple inside).


In order to make the best possible anniversary version of The Life of Anna, I'm putting together a very special beta team to help make sure this version is as amazing as I'm hoping it will be.

I need readers of all types...everything from newbies to those who sleep with the book under their pillows every night. If you're interested in helping me out, fill out the form using the button below. If you know anyone who might be interested, send them the form. I'll be putting the team together in January.

PLEASE read all the information at the top of the form, which includes the dates I need you to read and be finished by. I have a really strict schedule I must stick to in order to get it out on time.


And Last But certainly not least...

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10 de dez. de 2023

So excited for the Mystery Box as well as the Anniversary Edition of LoA! So glad you’re back!

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