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Ups and Downs

This week I had a bad moment. Well, a couple of bad moments. I was trying to set up a publishing schedule and realized how much has changed since I last published over two years ago. I stared at my computer, wondering what I had gotten myself into and what the heck I was going to do.

I knew there were people out there who wanted the last book in Sabrina's story. I wanted to get it out to there, but how do you do that in 2020? Do I just run ads? Do I do my old thing of just posting on Facebook? Do I blog about it? Are promo companies still a thing? I was ready to cry. I had no idea what to do.

I posted in an author's group on Facebook and the response was overwhelming. I got some great advice, found some partners to help me walk down this path, and even more, I was reminded WHY I do this. The encouragement from my readers made me want to cry. I joined a new reader's group on FB and OMG, the welcome there just made my day. New readers I'd never met told me how much of an impact my books had on them. I had a whole new set of readers I'd never met. I am so excited to get to know everyone.

Heartily encouraged, I moved on and started making plans. My blurb is on its way. My cover will be here soon (cannot wait to share that!), my newsletter has been sent out (Have you subscribed to that yet? You're missing out if you haven't!)

I am excited to let you all know Master of My Life will be out in March. I won't say a date yet, because I'm still debating between two different dates. Of course, I want it out as soon as possible, but I also want an excellent product for you all to indulge in. Right now, the book is with my developmental editor. My betas loved the book, so I'm feeling more confident in sharing it with you all. Oh, I can't wait!

So that's what's been going on. Hope you all are well. As always, feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing from readers!

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Marissa Honeycutt
Marissa Honeycutt
Nov 30, 2020

Thank you, Valerie!


Valerie Zazueta
Valerie Zazueta
Nov 29, 2020

I'm so so happy to hear that you are back in the game, you are an amazing writer don't ever give it up, can wait to continue reading Sabrina's story.

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