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Going Home


She flew back home with only Wilhelm. Kurt had decided to stay home. Anna could see in his eyes that he had let her go. And now he would be able to find a suitable wife. One he didn’t have to share.

Anna stared out the window and ached for Kurt. But this was for the best. He deserved to be happy. Genuinely happy. He was a kind, strong man and would make any woman proud to be his wife. It just wouldn’t be her. It couldn’t be her.

Wilhelm came and sat behind her on the couch and nuzzled her neck. His grief was gone and he was once again the strong, confident man she knew. Ilsa thanked her before she left.

“We’ll be landing soon,” he said softly, running his hand down her thigh. They had made love many times on the jet. She would miss his gentle touch. He kissed her neck and she closed her eyes and sighed. His hand moved up her body and cupped her breast. “I will miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Wilhelm,” she sighed as he pulled her shirt off and turned her to face him.

He kissed her breasts and then lay her back on the long couch in the middle of the jet. “I like your pregnant breasts, Liebling.”

Anna giggled. “You made them that way,” she said with a grin.

He grinned back. “Ja, I did. I like my work.” He leaned forward and sucked on her right nipple. She moaned and gasped as he dug his teeth gently into the sensitive flesh.

“Oh, Wilhelm!” she cried softly. Her pussy ached for him again, even though she was almost sore with lovemaking.

He turned her over onto her stomach and stretched out on top of her. He kissed her ear. “Would you be willing to try anal, Liebling? “ He pressed his hips into her ass and she moaned softly.

“Yes,” she whispered passionately.

He pulled at her sweatpants and pulled them down to her ankles, then pulled her hips up towards him. His tongue swirled around the tight rosebud of muscle and moaned. “I can taste us together here.”

He spread her cheeks open and licked and sucked. She concentrated on relaxing as his insistent tongue pressed against the hole. “Oh!” she cried as she felt his finger slide inside her pussy and then glide up to her ass and press forward. She moaned loudly as he quickly stretched her open and lubricated his cock in her pussy. He thrust a few times inside her and then positioned himself at her hole.

“Please!” she begged and he pressed forward. The fire of the invasion was sweet and made her cry out in pleasure. He held her hips and plunged deeper and deeper until he filled her to the hilt. Their movements quickened as the plane dip in the sky. He turned her against the couch and rode her hard. She clung to the couch and the plane dipped even more.

“Wilhelm!” she cried out as the plane dipped further and began to slow. The wheels hit the runway and Wilhelm was pressed deeply inside her as the plane braked. She shuddered as her orgasm overtook her and he groaned and then shouted as he throbbed inside her, emptying himself deep inside her.

“That’s not something you get to experience every day,” he murmured against her neck as he pulled out.

“Mmm,” she mumbled, leaning her head against the wall. She was spent and Wilhelm chuckled and helped her dress.

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