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Trigger warnings
by Reader-Suggestion

I wrote The Life of Anna before Trigger Warnings were a thing. Never developed a list because the reviews pretty much said it all. But people are asking for them now, so I asked my Beta Readers for their ideas for trigger warnings.

Below is an uncurated list of trigger warnings. This is not a complete list.

mind control, gas lighting, rape, forced proximity

Rape, Blood, Beatings, Depression, Cruel and Unusual Punishment

SA, child SA, graphic rape, drugging, torture, psychological manipulation and torture

Rape - Murder - Violence - Trafficking - Torture - Gore (body horror?) - sexual torture - sexual assault - sexual assault children - pedophilia - Slavery - Kidnapping - Misogyny - gaslighting - emotional abusive - grief - Abuse of power - Abortion (this is probably a very important one for some people) - Pregnancy - domestic abuse - Domestic violence - medical trauma - infertility - Infidelity - incest - drug use - drug addiction - death of parents - car accident - Confinement - self harm - suicide attempt - suicidal thought

Sexual abuse, sexual assault, mental abuse, physical abuse, torture, drugs, rape, non-consent, blood & gore, child abuse, death, kidnapping, forced abortion, murder, pedophilia, pregnancy, sex slavery, humiliation, degradation, knife play, orgies/gang rape, needles

Sexual Assault, Grooming, Incest, M/M, MF, M/M/F, physical and mental violence, drugs, addiction, dark, extreme taboo and extreme sexual themes can make some people uncomfortable or distressed. Read with an open mind. Noncon/dubncon

Non-con, dub-con, cannibalism, forced miscarriage (not sure how else to describe those scenes!) graphic torture, death of characters, kidnapping, slavery, cult rituals

Rape, killing, abuse, cannibal I guess to name some

Everything probably

Every trigger

All of them. Rape Grooming Blood Brutal abuse Death Gore Cult

grooming, sex with a minor. Sex trafficking

Abuse (physical/sexual), talk of suicide, pregnancy loss.

definitely the baby death

Torture, child torture, hauntingly unforgettable

rape, torture, kidnapping, miscarriage, death

Abuse, rape, torture, pregnancy, non con,

All of them.

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