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For the Love of Music


Stand Alone


November 29, 2022

Music used to be what she lived for.
Now, it may be the thing that kills her.

For the Love of Music

Emily Dawson has been running since she was sixteen years old.
From pain. Abuse. From the memories entwined with the notes that used to inspire her.
But no matter how far she goes, her past is always lurking, waiting, ready to attack.
She’s trapped in the melody that haunts her dreams and waking hours.
Music is dead to her. So why can’t she seem to walk away?

Music is all he has.
Now, it may be the thing that causes him to lose everything.

Mark Pierce hasn’t stayed in one place since age fifteen.
Violin prodigy. Teenage classical music superstar. World tours.
Over a decade of being on the road, Mark seizes an opportunity for change, having no idea how he’ll survive it.
Then he meets Emily, and hope ignites in his chest.
Maybe the only thing he’s needed to plant roots is her.

There’s so much more to Emily than meets the eye. A darkness surrounds her, snuffing out her light every time it dares to shine through.
Mark is determined to piece together the broken melody inside Emily’s soul.
Will Emily be able to confront her demons and surrender to Mark’s love, or will the darkness win, killing his gift of life-giving music?

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