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Master of My Heart

Finding Sabrina
Master of My Heart

When life goes wrong, can it ever be made right?

Five years ago... Sabrina left Boston anticipating her stay back home to be full of joy  and hope. Instead, she became the leading role in her own living hell.  Nothing more than a shadow of her former self, she escapes a malevolence  determined to break her, and returns to Boston, trying to regain a  semblance of the girl she once was.

The girl without nightmares.
The girl without shame and fear.

Five years ago... Chase lost his heart and has compared every woman he encounters to the  green-eyed beauty he met on the yacht. His life didn’t turn out quite  the way he expected, but he has grown stronger through his trials. Now, a  marriage deadline is looming and the woman he wants seems to be a ghost  trapped in his past.

Fate brought them together. Evil tore them apart.

Can Chase lead Sabrina into the light before she’s lost to the darkness forever?

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