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New Part Published on Wattpad

When she was sixteen, Sabrina Mansfield saw nothing but hope. A talented ballet dancer, she was invited to a summer program in Boston where a beautiful path of career and love spread out before her. But when she arrived home, everything changed. Darkness engulfed her life as unspeakable horrors played out in front of her.

Years later she emerges from hell, seeking to rebuild her broken life far away from the nightmare her life became. But her nightmares won’t leave her alone; they follow her, tormenting her as she strives to live again.

***Please note this is a work in progress. The final product will be properly edited and published. Also, this is a dark work. I go places writers often don’t like to go, so if you are easily offended, please find something else to read. Characters often surprise me as I’m writing and I endeavor to stay true to them. Just because a character does something doesn’t mean I agree with it or endorse it.***

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