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Cover REveal!!

I'm super excited to share the covers for the Tenth Anniversary Edition for The Life of Anna, releasing September 6, 2024.

For the past ten years, The Life of Anna has set the standard for Dark Fiction in many reader’s minds.

It is the story of Anna, a beautiful ballerina with supernatural powers craved by one man, determined to have his way with both her and the world. There are times when you will question your sanity, question reality, and question the value of continuing reading. You will love it, or you will hate it. There is no in between.

Originally published in five parts, this new Ten-Year Anniversary Edition has been revised, re-edited and restored to its original format of one (very long) story, although split into two Acts for publishing purposes. New scenes have been added as well.

Be warned, this is a hard book to read. While Anna’s story is not categorized as a romance, it does contain romantic elements. It is Anna’s story, told in all its bloody, violent, beautiful, twisted truth.

Please share the news with your friends who love dark stories!

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