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Paperbacks of The Life of Anna!!

For the first time in over two years, I am able to sell paperbacks of The Life of Anna on Amazon and on my website. Not exactly sure what happened with Amazon, but they approved all five this weekend. I'm so excited!

This is especially good for those of you outside the US. Purchase the paperbacks at Amazon and then buy a signed bookplate for the inside. It's much cheaper to ship those!!

The links are below.

Another bit of news...

I have revised Abandoned Grace: An Interview with Devin Andersen. Nothing in the story has changed. I just edited it for improvements and reformatted the paperback. The ebook is only 99 cents. If you've already purchased it, get the update from Amazon. Paperbacks are also available on Amazon and my website.

All paperback Purchases from my website are pre-orders until 11/16.

I will make one large order on the 17th and anticipate the books being to you at the beginning of December.


Marissa's Store:

Amazon Links:

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