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Sabrina Update

Hi Readers!

Many of you enjoyed the beginning of Sabrina’s story and have been asking when the next book will be out. Up until a few days ago, I’d been planning on getting it out in the next month or so, but after sending it to my beta readers and receiving their feedback, I realized that I needed to give the whole series an overhaul.

This story has been a struggle to write. Mostly because I haven’t listened to my characters as well as I should. While the first book, Master of My Body, was written in 3rd person with viewpoints from Sabrina, Chase, and Vamar, I’d planned on completing the series in 1st person, using only Sabrina’s viewpoint.

The whole time I was wondering if I made the right choice. Telling a story from the first person point of view is an intimate and challenging writing method. But it also limits the amount of information that I can convey to the reader because we’re seeing the world through only one character’s eyes. It was working, and working pretty decently. It probably would have been a good book. But not a great book. I want to write a great book because my characters deserve their full story to be told and you, as a reader, deserve to read a fully developed book.

That being said, after much contemplation, meditation, and honesty with myself and my characters, I’ve decided to rewrite the entire series in 3rd person and add Chase’s viewpoint. I believe that this will lead to a richer reading experience and not leave as many questions unanswered as I had to, simply because of the limitations of 1st person.

What does this mean? It means it will take a little longer for Master of My Heart to be released. I’m only talking a few months, not years, though. Master of My Body stands as is, though. No changes there.

As it stands now, I am planning on a four-part series. The book lengths will be closer to what you got in Anna’s story.  MOMH is already over 90k words and will only get longer as I add Chase’s viewpoint

I believe with all of my heart that it will be worth the wait and hope you can be understanding and continue to believe in me during the process. I will keep you updated as the story progresses.

Thank you.

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