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Hi all,

I realize I haven’t posted in a while. Most of you might not know, but I’m engaged and getting married next Thursday, on February 25. So, it’s been a bit busy around here. It’s a very low-key affair, but still have things to plan and purchase. Think I’m just about ready though. Quite excited.

I wrote a little bit more in Happily… Never, but it’s not quite ready to share yet. I will say that He revealed what He looks like and will share soon. Are y’all liking it so far?

Devin has gone quiet. I think living in Anna’s memories takes its toll, but I’m sure he’ll start talking again soon.

Have you read Distorted Hope? If so, please leave a review on Amazon! If not…well, why not? 🙂

#HappilyNever #update

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