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Coming April 14, 2022

Part of the Seven Sins SEries

I'm thrilled to announce my newest Book, Gluttony, is part of a series of seven books, written by seven different authors.

Those authors are some of my all-time favorite author friends:

Brooklyn Cross, Drethi Anis, DylanPage, Billie Blu, Talli Wyndham, and Tara Hodel.

The Seven Sin Series is Dark Paranormal Romance
and Consists of Seven Books!

Master of My Life
The Finale of Finding Sabrina

Evil is Coming…

Between her love of dance and Chase, Sabrina finally feels she found her place in the world. Yet somewhere in the darkness her Master is waiting... watching for the perfect opportunity to wield her as his greatest weapon.


Chase would give her his heart and build a beautiful future with her, if Sabrina could battle back the darkness brewing within her. But the Master’s control is clawing at her, tempting her into submission.


The war between good and evil has begun, with Sabrina as its unwilling target. Loyalties will be tested. Patience rewarded. As the powers that be rise and fall, who will be left standing in the end? And what side will Sabrina choose?


The compelling conclusion to the Finding Sabrina Series ends with Master of My Life, the epic finale fans have been waiting for!


***Please Note: The series was originally designated as a four-book series. Because of the amount of time that has passed since I published Part Two, I've decided to conclude the series with one large volume. Sabrina's story is now a three-book series.

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But it all started with...

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